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PETA. People for the ethical treatment of animals: Sign for the elephants

Asunto: Rv:Peta: peticion por los elefantes maltratados. no veáis video si no podéis.

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You can help stop cruelty to animals under the big top

Dear friends,

Meet Tonka, a 25-year-old elephant who has been used by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus since 1989. Since Tonka was born at Circus World—a failed circus theme park built by the owner of Ringling, who later sold it to the Mattel toy company―she has been denied all that is natural and important to her just so that she can perform meaningless, repetitive "tricks" for Ringling's audience. Tonka is one of 11 elephants whose plight we documented during our new undercover investigation inside Ringling.

In 2009, an undercover PETA investigator documented how Ringling treats Tonka and other animals who are forced to perform for the circus. Our investigator captured on video numerous Ringling workers beating and whipping these sensitive, intelligent animals dozens of times in venues across the country.

VIDEO: https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2359

The new investigation video shows elephants who are struck on the head, face, ears, trunk, and legs with a bullhook—a heavy, hard object resembling a fireplace poker with a sharp, steel hooked end—and other abusive training tools. We also documented 30 separate occasions when elephants and one tiger were whipped, sometimes on the face.

During our investigation, Tonka was repeatedly captured on video engaging in "stereotypic" behaviors strongly suggesting her severe psychological distress, yet despite her condition, she was forced to perform for crowds night after night. Ringling's crew didn't appear to care if Tonka was suffering mentally or physically—the show had to go on.

While a verdict is pending on a lawsuit alleging that Ringling's use of steel-barbed bullhooks, electric prods, and shackles violates federal law, the outcome might not be enough to help Tonka and the other elephants on Ringling's Red Unit whom angry circus thugs may be beating right now.

Visit our new Web site RinglingBeatsAnimals.com to watch the undercover footage and write to the secretary of agriculture to demand that the USDA seize the elephants in Ringling's hands immediately, investigate PETA's evidence, and vigorously enforce the Animal Welfare Act.

We need you to take action now to help these elephants. Every minute that passes might mean another beating for Tonka and her companions. Please, write to the secretary of agriculture now.

Kind regards,

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Ingrid E. Newkirk

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